Girl, That Gut Is Not Going Away

About 15 months after my second child was born, I was still rocking the postpartum pudge. Frustrated that normal exercise, breastfeeding, and healthy food choices weren't doing a bounce-back trick, and after my barista asked me if I was pregnant again, I decided to resort to a cleanse. A Clean Cleanse, to be exact. Thanks to my Goop subscription, I found out about the Clean Program, which challenges its participants to strip their diet of all allergens, inflammatory ingredients, sugars, nightshades, caffeine, alcohol, and basically anything else that may have brought you joy from food. I swallowed their shakes for breakfast and dinner, and for lunch had gluten-free, flavorless, protein-filled salads with a side of steamed vegetables. It was supposed to go on like this for 21 days....I lasted 14. However, 14 days did the trick. My pudge melted away, and thankfully, my metabolism seemed to be kick-started back into gear where I would again begin to see results from my exercise and a regular (albeit inflammatory) healthy diet.

What was new, though, was a slack, crepey patch of skin on top of what should have been a normal abdomen. It was as if the skin had completely detached from the muscle below it. It hung over the top of pant waistbands and if I dared to look down at my stomach while doing push-ups, it was there, hanging like a hotel awning. It mocked my efforts to get rid of it, refusing to leave with hot yoga or endless crunches. I had already accepted the fact that I was waist-less like a tree trunk after having children. And now, I had to live with this old man's jowls living on my stomach.

Acceptance was super important because it was one of the prompts for me to begin le larc.  Yes, I was a woman who needed a bathing suit to take her kids swimming, and NO, I didn't want a tankini (these suckers just roll and float up in the water, revealing the old man jowls). I wanted a one-piece to hold me all in, but I wasn't looking for the fullest coverage or the tightest fabric wrap to shape my body. I wasn't in my twenties and looking for a super deep V, over-the-top cut outs, or a back dip so low it came dangerously close to my crack. I wanted a cute suit that would stay on with a toddler pulling on it, and make me feel as good as possible while I was wearing it. I wanted my butt to look cute, but I couldn't pull off a Brazilian....probably ever again. It was hard to find something that worked, and it pushed me to think about what would work for us moms.

This brings us to le larc's Hot Mama Suit. My hope with this item is that you get that sexy-back feeling while still feeling comfortable in your new mommy body. The coverage is there, but it's not over done. The quality is there, and will withstand the toddler pulls. I think the fashion is there too - modern and clean, hopefully giving you a lot of longevity. My favorite thing about it is that I stop thinking about being in a swimsuit, and all the potential catastrophes that come along with it, when Iā€™m wearing it. I just enjoy myself and playing with my kids.