Our Favorite Sunscreens | For Both Parents and Kids


By now, we all are hyper-aware of the importance of sunscreen. What used to be something applied only on summer beach days, is now required every day, rain or shine. Because of this, we’ve been overrun with new sunscreen products, chemical blends, and warnings about what’s safe or not safe for our bodies with such frequent applications.

I have a few criteria that I like to review when choosing a sunscreen:

  1. Does is prevent sunburns and sun damage?

  2. Can I use it on both myself and my children? Because Lord knows, I cannot keep track of two versions of everything!

  3. Is it safe for the environment?

The first point, and most essential, is whether or not it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing. I don’t want to be slathering on sunscreen every morning if it’s not going to prevent sun damage. It’s literally a battle in the bathroom everyday to get sunscreen on my kids’ faces. I endure this only because it should work!

Secondly, if we are putting something on our bodies, I’m of the opinion it should be safe for both adults and children. In no way do I think it’s ok that adults should absorb more harmful or hormone-altering chemicals than children. NEITHER adults nor children should be exposed to these types of toxins. What’s safe is safe. Period.

Lastly, it has to be safe for the environment. I don’t want to travel to far away places, only to cover my family in something that could run off their bodies and poison or erode the fish and reefs we are so excited to see. By showing our kids the world, I hope it inspires them to take their own families to the same places when they’re older. I want to ensure the same reefs are there for our grand kids to enjoy, and if this means choosing an alternate sunscreen, I’m all for it.

Based on all the above, I’ve got two excellent sunscreen options for you and your families. One I love for faces and daily use, the other I love for bodies and more vacation-y, all-day-outdoor use. Check them out below:

  1. FACES/EVERYDAY USE: Squalane + Mineral SPF45 by Biossance: Biossance is a clean, plant-based beauty company based in the Bay Area. Their sunscreen uses Zinc and Titanium Dioxide, which are Physical sunscreens (ie, they do not penetrate the skin with chemicals), and protect against both UVA / UVB and infrared rays. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and I love that it adds a subtle sparkle to the skin. I have sensitive skin that’s prone to break outs, and this has never irritated my skin. Sells for $39, but is on sale often so check their site!

  2. BODIES/VACATION: ThinkSport Safe Sunscreen 50+ by ThinkSport: Similar to Biossance, ThinkSport is committed to Safe and Non-Toxic products for humans and the environment. Another Physical sunscreen, they use Zinc Oxide as their active ingredient, and this version has the added benefit of water resistance. Applies easily, reef safe, gluten-free, and vegan. Sells for $12.99 or get a family-size version for $20.99.

Now get out there and enjoy the sun!