The Innovation

le larc is a collection of swim shapewear for women. Using high-performance powermesh lining in all of its designs, le larc swimwear has built-in comfort, providing 360 degrees of support to your shape. The inspiration behind le larc was based on our founder’s experience shopping for swimwear as a new mother. She encountered a lack of confidence-inducing, fashion-forward swimwear available for women who experience any sort of self-consciousness in a swimsuit. Thoughtfully designed for a woman’s body, le larc swimwear is engineered to work with you - perceived flaws and all - so you can be swimsuit-ready every day of the year.

The Style

The le larc aesthetic is understated and modern, but undeniably feminine. Geometric stylelines are incorporated with a rich color palette, and softness is paired with structure. le larc swimwear is made using high-quality, eco-friendly performance fabrics, which are engineered for longevity and shape retention. The collections put a modern woman's practical requirements on equal footing with fashion's demands: style must not outweigh function and feeling confident in our swimwear is the ultimate goal.

The Commitment

le larc has committed to developing le larc swimwear responsibly, using a high-performance fabric that is made with 78% recycled polyamide yarn. le larc swimwear is now exclusively manufactured in the USA, where we are able to have personal relationships with every skilled artisan that helps create the product. le larc items maintain the highest quality standards to guarantee your investment in swimwear with longevity.




le larc swimwear uses high-quality, eco-friendly performance fabrics, which provide:

  • Body toning, shape retention, and support

  • Moisture-wicking capabilities

  • Durability and longevity

  • 78% recycled polyamide yarns



le larc is designed for real women:

  • Comfort, function, and ease of styling are priority

  • Support is built into swimwear

  • Details are thoughtfully considered with a woman’s needs in mind

  • Cut and style-lines flatter a woman's body



le larc is committed to:

  • Partnering with domestic manufacturers

  • Using recycled fabrics to help the environment

  • Bringing awareness to women’s mental health

  • Supporting female entrepreneurs