le larc swimwear aims to impress. Forget feeling you need to be โ€œswimsuit readyโ€ to get in a swimsuit. At le larc, we engineer each piece with activewear technology, so they work to fit you just as you are. Our goal is that you feel 100% confidence in our swimwear.

le larc | Swimwear Evolved


le larc swimwear features high-performance powermesh lining in all of its swimsuits. Designed to be used in performance activewear, powermesh is as delicate in appearance as tulle, but has the greatest stretch and recovery of any lining currently being used. It wraps around the body and easily adapts to any shape. This ability, combined with superior moisture-wicking properties and a smooth surface, makes powermesh the perfect foundation for le larc swimwear.


le larc carefully selects its fabrics by combining an eye for fashion with high standards of performance. We purchase our activewear fabrics from Italy and the United States, sourcing regenerated fabrications that aim to help the environment by reusing raw materials and limiting our waste. We look for bright, inspiring colors that compliment nature and the beauty of our surroundings.


le larc puts its swimwear and garments through rigorous testing to ensure its quality. We follow fabric and garment testing protocols outlined by international apparel organizations, as well as wear and experience each piece ourselves. Rest assured we've swam, played, surfed, and washed every style offered in hopes of perfecting each design. It is our hope that le larc remains in your wardrobe rotation for as long as possible.